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Back in the USA

Sorry I have been completely MIA from my blog and am really going to try and be more up to date with what is going on at Erica Holland Design. I am now back in the US after spending 4 months in Bali and SouthEast Asia. I learned so much about myself, my business, and their way of life and feel it is so important to carry that over into my business here. Bali really helped to establish a sense of work life balance that I feel everyone needs, but we often forget about in the US. Even with all my clients and projects I have going on I have made it a goal of mine to mediate everyday and do something I love. Whether it be a short walk outside, taking the time to watch the sunset, or even the time to just watch a show on netflix. (I very rarely watch TV so I am very far behind on all netflix shows.) I even volunteered at a local balinese florist just to get off the computer and do something else creative. I have found that while work is very important to me I need to take the time to keep my mind, body and soul happy and healthy as well. So even though I am no longer on the island of the gods working with hundreds of other remote workers from all over the world and sipping coconuts. The lessons I have learned in Bali I will carry with me and Erica Holland Design will be even stronger than it was before.

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