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Hello From Bali

I have made the move to Canggu Bali for a few months. Working remotely from here is amazing! I have an awesome new workspace called Dojo Bali. It is located only minutes from the beach, has a cafe, a pool, conference rooms, skype booths, and so many amazing places to work. Working here has so many benefits as well. There are tons of other remote workers, who are starting their own business, run their own companies, freelancing or just working remotely. It is so nice to be around so many other like minded individuals and to be able to learn and grow from them and with them.

Being in Bali is also amazing for my creative process. There is so much beauty in the culture and design of the cafes and shops. The Balinese culture uses a lot of bright colors, patterns, and gold details in their clothing and temples. These color pallets are bold and loud and stick out when passing by the new modern shops. A lot of the shops here have very simplistic designs with white walls, wood textures, neutral color pallets and many green plants. This environment makes working from here very relaxing and a lot less stressful than the busy grind back home. It is very easy to get inspired by all the natural beauty as well. Rice fields line the roads as you drive through the streets by scooter from cafe to cafe. While the art murals on the walls are endless. On any given day just taking a walk around Canggu will give me inspiration for a new branding project or design I am working on.

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